Thursday, January 22, 2015

Final Reflection

I am most proud of the "Extreme Closeup" project; more specifically, the image of the teapot.

I really like this image because of the unusual perspective aspect of it. It shows a part of an everyday object that someone might not look at very closely. This image affected my learning in that it allowed me to explore a style of photography that I really like, and I was able to improve at it.

One of the three most memorable experiences that I had in photography has been when I've had to do an assignment in a style that I don't normally use. It helps me to see things in new ways, and also to improve my other photos. It allows me to use certain aspects of that style in my other photos, which adds to the composition. Another experience that I had was going to the Cumberland Fair to photograph. I don't usually like to photograph in big, open spaces with lots of people, but this project gave me a great opportunity to try it. I was able to take great photos, and I learned how to photograph large groups, which is something I did not know how to do properly before. A third memory that I have from photography is writing reflections. At the beginning of the year, I didn't really like to write about my photos, but now I see that the reflections help me understand what I've done well and what I can do better. Although they may be a bit time consuming, they are worth it. Overall, I've really enjoyed this class and look forward to working with almost everyone next semester!

Fun With Photoshop

I learned a lot from this project. One thing I learned more about is making two layers to do the black and white leaves in the second picture. I didn't know how to do that, but now I know that it's a simple as erasing! Another thing I learned is how to use some tools that I had never used before, such as the stamp tool. I was able to use this tool in the first image to make the entire background fire. A final thing that I learned is that Photoshop takes a lot of patience. I thought it would be quick and easy, but it actually requires a lot of skill. It took a long time to get all the edges right when I was working on the first image. I think I was very successful in the first image with details. It was challenging, but I think it turned out well! A difficulty I had was a lack of time. Using Photoshop requires you to pay a lot of attention to detail, and this takes a long time. However, in the end, I think my pictures came out very well.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Art of Maggie Taylor

Surrealism is a style of art that exaggerates the subject in different ways. It's a little different than abstract however. It isn't solely about making the subject unrecognizable, but exploring the inner workings and thoughts of the mind. Surrealist artists generally try to express their feelings or philosophies through their images, so they don't always make perfect sense. Surreal art work does use abstraction to change the look of the subject, but you can still generally tell what the photo is of.

Maggie Taylor is a surrealist photographer. She uses Photoshop to change her images, whereas her husband, Jerry Uelsmann, prefers to use the darkroom and combine negatives by hand. She got started in photography by shooting images of small objects in her garden. Her husband was offered the chance to use Photoshop to make his art, but he didn't care for it. Maggie then decided to try it out and found that she liked it. It wasn't too serious at first, but now that is her primary medium. Something I find interesting about her work is that a lot of her photos seem to be focused on some kind of fantasy scene. I noticed that many of the images were themed around Alice in Wonderland.

Maggie Taylor- One and a half sisters, 2003

I really like this image because the two figures seem to be complete opposites, yet they look very similar at the same time. This is  shown through the blindfold, the egg, and the woman's frown, and their counterparts in the other woman. She is smiling, can see, and his holding a bird. I think this contrast and similarity is very interesting. I also like the landscape aspect of this image. I think the colors of the flowers work well with the colors in the dress and the sky. Overall, I really like the layout of this image.

Maggie Taylor- The collector, 2009

I like this image because it just seems so strange. It almost reminds me of Cinderella, except with butterflies instead of birds and mice. It's also interesting because the style of the dress makes the picture looks like it's from ancient history, but the butterflies seem to make it more modern. They are very bright and colorful compared to the woman and landscape behind her. I also like the movement of this image. I can imagine the butterflies fluttering around. It's a very interesting picture in its contrast of colors and movement vs. calm.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Free choice - Extreme Closeup

White, billowing curves bend out of sight.
Here and there, flakes of the outer layer peel off,
Drifting slowly to the ground.
Pale lines decorate its shell,
Swooping and swirling with every nook and cranny.
Its thin, smooth layers chip off of the figure,
And with every blanket of thin skin that disappears,
A new one takes its place.
Finally, the center is revealed,
A soft shade of yellow,
Shadows conturing its glassy edges.
A sharp fragrance drifts into the air,
As the sheets around it make a space
For the newborn heart.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Colors of Winter

The cold air
whips at my uncovered nose.
Tiny frozen pellets
shoot at my face.
I pull my hat down to my watering eyes
and continue my journey
through the storm.